Making Believers
"Connect to the Light within..."

by: Linda Amato

Linda Amato's Reading List Recommendation...
As an avid reader and seeker to become a better me I have read many interesting, insightful and
transformational books. I seem to read a book by an author and then I read all of said authors books. I believe when we are connected to the Light within we are led to the books, people, and events that will help us to grow and transform as we discover our truth. Listed below will be the names of my authors/teachers on this amazing life journey and the books that I have enjoyed. An * denotes that this book in particular changed my views on life and who I am today.

Julia Cameron                               Marianne Williamson                             James F. Twyman
Blessings                                        A Course in Weight Loss                             Emissary of Light
*Finding Water                                 A Return To Love                                         The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking*
Heart Steps                                A Womans Worth*                                     The Barn Dance*                                  
Inspiration                                       Enchanted Love                                         The Kabballah Code*
Money Drunk/Money Sober               Everyday Grace*                                         The Moses Code*
The Artist's Way*                             The Age of Miracles                                      The Prayer of St. Francis*
The Artist's Date Book                      The Gift of Change                                       The Secret of The Beloved Disciple                                                                                                    Secrets of Unconditional Love       
The Creative Life
The Right to Write*                          Dan Millman                                          
The Writing Diet                               Living on Purpose                                       Bob Frissell               
Transitions                                       No Ordinary Moments                     Nothing in This Book is True*
Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior       Something in This Book is True*            
Louse L. Hay                                 Way of the Peaceful Warrior                           You Are a Spiritual Being Having A
You Can Heal Your Life*                   The Journey of Socrates                                 Human Experience*
The Law of Spirit*
Caoline Myss                                     The Life You Were Born to Live*             Drunvalo Melchizedek
Sacred Contracts*                                                                                           The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life 1&2*
Anatomy of the Spirit                                                                                       Living in the Heart
Invisible Acts of Power                       Paulo Coelho                                         Serpent of Light beyond 2012
Why People Don't Heal and               Birda
How They Can*                               By The River Piedra I Sat Down & Wept James Redfield
Defy Gravity* Like The Flowing River The Celestine Prophecy
The Tenth Insight
Sonia Choquette                             The Alchemist* The Tenth Insight
Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose          The Devil & Miss Prym
True Balance*                                   The Zahir Jack Kornfield
Ask Your Guides                                 Warrior of the Light The Wise Heart
Your Hearts Desire*
Diary of a Psychic                                 Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Neale Donald Walsch
The Psychic Pathway*                         Change Your Thoughts -  Conversation With God Series
Change Your Life Tomorrow's God
Doreen Virtue                                      Inspiration Little Book of Life
Angel Medicine                                     The Power of Intention*
Angel Words*                                        There's A Spiritual Solution Gary Zukav
Archangels & Ascended Masters*            to Every Problem* The Seat of The Soul
Divine Guidance*                                   Pulling Your Own Strings Soul Stories
Goddesses' & Angels                             Wisdom of The Ages W/ Linda Francis
Losing Your Pounds of Pain -The Heart of the Soul: Emotional Awareness
Solomon's Angels*                                 Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. -The Mind of the Soul: Responsible Choice
The Lightworkers Way*                         Mending the Past & Healing
the Future
William P. Young                                   The Four Insights
The Shack

Andrew Harvey                                   Esther & Jerry Hicks Deborah King
The Hope                                                Money & The Law of Attraction Truth Heals*
      The Law of Attraction Be Your Own Shaman*
      The Vortex*
Scott Blum Eva Pierrakos
Summers Path                                         Linda Howe The Pathwork of Self-Transformation
Waiting for Autumn How To Read The Akashic Records*

Lisa Michaels                                         Barbara Marciniak Agnes Sanford
Natural Rhythms                                     Bringers of the Dawn* The Healing Gifts of the Spirit
Family of Light*
Anodea Judith                                        Path of Empowerment* Alice A. Bailey
Eastern Body Western Mind      Esoteric Healing               

Barbara Ann Brennan
Hands of Light

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